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Save the Dates - What’s the point?

Since March last year we have been navigating major changes in the wedding world due to the pandemic. We have worked with all of our couples who have made the agonising decision to postpone by helping them adapt their stationery by creating custom announcement cards which have covered every scenario.

From Change the Dates, to Re-Save the Dates to Cancel the Dates, we have created multiple versions of each to accommodate everyone. Who would have thought the above would become the new normal. Rewind to a year ago when probably only 70% of couples even bothered with save the dates and compare it to now where they have become one of the most important items of stationery.

The aftermath of 2020 has meant vast amounts of weddings being postponed.

Some couples are now on their second or even third date moving into 2021/22 and in some cases even 2023. When normality finally resumes the one thing we are sure about is that there will be an abundance of weddings!

However with this happening - Have you thought about your guests?

They are now probably going to be invited to a lot more weddings than they had originally planned and are going to be faced with hard decisions of choosing which

wedding they go to.