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Understanding Our Invitation Layouts - What Style is right for you?

At a Little Bit of Loveliness we made the decision early on that we only wanted to offer a few different types of layouts. The world of stationery is so vast with so many styles that for someone who is just beginning to think about their invites its hard to know where to start as it can be very confusing when there is multiple different options!

Being able to cater to all types of weddings and budgets without compromising on quality or design is something which has been important to us from the beginning.

In order to achieve this we chose to steam line the layout styles we offer.



Standard Invitation

Vellum Invitation


3 Page Concertina Invitation

4 Page Concertina Invitation


Gatefold Invitation

Pocketfold Invitation

A lot of our couples mix and match the layout options for their invitations.

For Example...

Day Invitations - Gatefold Layout

Evening Invitations - Standard Invitation Layout

This is a good way to keep the cost down if you have a tight budget as Evening

Invitations never usually require as much information as the day.


A Standard invitation does exactly what it says, it is a traditional A5 invitation which can be portrait or landscape and can be customised in a million different ways with the ability to lend itself to almost any type of wedding. This option comes with a coloured envelope and bespoke liner included as we feel the coloured envelopes and beautiful bespoke liners are what make our designs unique and special. So from the beginning we chose to include this in our standard pricing so even if you chose to have the standard layout style alone it still has the WOW factor for your guests.

With this layout you can add RSVPS or Info cards to suit your requirements and then also add some of our finishing touches like a bellyband or wax seal to make them extra special.

A Vellum invitation is a lovely layout similar to the above but if you want to feature a more graphic design as a background, then have your text information on the overlay on top this is the perfect choice for you.

Concertina Layouts are recent additions to our layout family due to popular request.

These are available in 3 or 4 page options and are a wonderful idea if you have a lot of information to give your guests as there is a lot of space to work with.

Both options come with the rsvp section at the end which is perforated so your guests only need to tear it off and fill in their details and stick on a stamp to return like a postcard.

Talk about making things easy for them!

Our next layout is our Gatefold, which has become one of our most requested styles! Again this layout allows you to incorporate all of the invitation details and also add additional information on the inside of the gates so you don’t then require any extra info cards. You can either have the rsvp details included inside or have a separate rsvp card for your guests to return. This option looks lovely with a bellyband or wax seal added to complete the finished look!

Our final layout option is our Pocketfold, our most expensive option but without a doubt our most premium. Pocketfolds are available in over 90 different colours so can work with any wedding colour scheme. The invite is stuck inside the pocketfold on the left side and when it is opened there is a pocket to the right which holds your A5 info card which again can be double-sided if you have a lot of information for your guests.

Adding your RSVP card is the perfect way to finish this style as they fit neatly into the pocket so when your guests open them up they see the full suite laid out perfectly.

Pocketfolds require to be sealed in some way this can be done by either bellyband or wax seal. The wax seal works really well with the layout as it only adds to the elegance.

With all of our layouts you can add RSVPS or information cards. If you want your guests to reply via post you need our standard RSVP card which comes with a return envelope.

However, if you decide you prefer your guests to reply digitally you can have an RSVP without the return envelope which then directs your guests to the required email or wedding website information.

You can also have the reply information on the main invite itself which means no card would be required at all.

Information cards are included in the pricing for the concertina, gatefold and pocketfold layouts. However, sometimes you may require to give your guests extra information but only want one of the standard layouts for your stationery, in that case we would recommend adding an A6 information card to your suite.


Booking Information for the Venue

Travel Directions

Alternative Local Accommodation

Bus Pick Up Points

Gift Information

"Adults Only" Wedding Announcement

Order of Day Timeline

Finally to complete your design layout you can add the "Optional Extras" which are the finishing touches which you can add to your design to make it look extra



Envelope Stickers


Wax Seals

Envelope stickers work well will all layouts and can be customised in any way.

Bellybands work with the standard layout, gatefold or pocketfold.

With the standard layout they act as a way to hold everything together in the outer envelope for you, so when your guests open everything it is nicely packaged together. With the gatefold and pocketfold option the bellyband is more important as they hold everything together and in place when they are sealed for your guests.

Wax seals can be used in two ways either internally or externally on your design or both if

you fancy being extra!

Internally they hold the gatefold or pocketfold closed so everything fits nicely in the outer envelope or they can be the perfect decorative addition to the outer envelope which would work with

any layout style.


Understanding what each style is and includes can make choosing your invitations so much easier! We also have a handy how to guide below which you can download and use our free template to work out your requirements yourself!

Go to our Price Guide and download NOW!


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