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Wedding Shows, what made us start…

Updated: Feb 17

Walking around Scotland's biggest wedding show one thing became very apparent to

us - every stationery stand was the same! Every design was pocket-folds of ivory card with glitter and jewel embellishments in every pastel colour you could imagine. While there is nothing wrong with that, if that is your taste. It is then only giving couples one design ascetic option to consider.

Out of the other stands which offered something a bit more contemporary and modern there where still things missing for us, the main thing being upfront prices. Every price tag under every design said “prices start from” which didn’t seem fair to us, as every couple has a budget and if it was us we would want to know if the stationer was in our budget before we wasted any more time. If you dared to even mention you wanted something bespoke then there was definitely no mention of price until you where 3 emails in and had invested even more time.

That is one of the main reasons why we created A Little Bit of Loveliness, we wanted to offer couples the chance to have a completely bespoke design at an affordable price! We make our price list available straight away to anyone who enquires and have standard prices for each item that don’t change depending on the customisation.