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‘On the Day’ Stationery. What you need and why?

‘On the Day stationery’ - to match or not to match that is the question?

For us having your ‘On the Day’ stationery as part of your stationery suite is the perfect way to have a continuation of your design throughout your big day.

When we talk about ‘On the Day' items we are referring to the following.

Order of Service/Order of Day Booklets for your guests during your ceremony,

Large Signage such as…

Table Plans & Welcome Signs or Order of Day Signs


Table Signage such as…

Table Names/Numbers, Menus & Place cards

Every couples requirements are totally different as everyone has their own vision of their big day. However some of the items above are essential to help your day run smoothly.

The Order of Service or Day Booklet

As your guests arrive and are escorted to their seats they are surrounded by lots of different faces and there is an excitement in the air of the unknown. Until its obvious someone is about to walk down the aisle and everything is starting your guests don’t really have an idea of how the day will play out and what to expect.

An Order of Service or Day is perfect for this, it can assist during the ceremony with hymns/readings etc, can include information about the bridal party, can give a quick timeline of the days events and can also give you a chance to thank your guests for being there to celebrate with you.

Speak to us about your requirements as we can customise this in many different ways to suit your day and include all of your important info!

Our Order of Service/Day are available in two sizes

A5 Half-fold or Medium Square.

The Tartan Flower Order of Service

The White & Blue Flowers Orders of Day

Welcome Signage / Order of Day Signage

This can be a wonderful way to dress your venue and create something beautiful for your guests to see and help direct them to where they should wait or enter when they first arrive.

A Welcome Sign beside an Order of Day sign can act as the perfect entrance into your ceremony as it’s informative but beautiful. Both signs can be customised in so many different ways.

Speak to us about your requirements as we can customise this in many different ways to suit your day and include all of your important info!

All of our signage is A1 and can be Portrait or Landscape.

The Peony Welcome Sign

Table Plan

One of the most important ’On the Day’ items which is essential for informing your guests of where they are to be seated during the meal. As a couple you will spend a lot more time than you would imagine working out the perfect seating position for each one of your guests to allow them to have the most enjoyable day mingling and meeting new people.

With all this work you are putting in why would you not want a beautiful table plan, we require your confirmed names back 6 weeks prior to your big day so advise on asking for your invitation replies back 2 months before your big day which gives you a two week gap to work everything out then forward the information to us, it’s important not to send your table plan to print too early so we have found this timeline works well to ensure seamless delivery! You’ll always have guests who are late to RSVP (and some that won’t at all) if you ask for your replies back 2 months prior it gives you a little wiggle room to chase the no replies so you can confirm.

The Highland Stag Table Plan

The Tartan Flower Table Plan

Table Names & Numbers

Once you have done all of the hard work of the Table Plan you will have decided how to identify your tables by names or numbers. The best way to show your guests the way is by having signage on each table, these again can be standard designs or bespoke designs so each table is individual and unique.

The Blue & Gold Table Number/Name (Standard Design)

The Thistle Collection Number/Name

(Bespoke Design)

Once your guests have found the way to their table they need to

find their seat so you then need to think about

Place Names

We offer these as a standard tent-fold style which again can be customised to suite your stationery suite and come with all of your guest names pre-printed.

The Thistle Collection Place Name


Once your guests are seated the next thing they are looking for is the menu for the meal.

This can be a single double-sided menu for the table or a smaller individual menu which can be at each place setting.

Some venues ask for menu choices to be decided prior to the big day and if this is the case we can print the full tables choices on the reverse of the single table menu as a reminder for your guests and as a helpful guide for the staff. Over the last year we have found more venues requesting this.

The Glasgow Collection

(Table Menu)

The Modern Stag Collection

(Individual Menu)

The Highland Stag Collection

(Table Menu with Meal Choices)

Every wedding is different and every couples requirements vary but the items above are the perfect way to finish off your stationery suite and make your day look extra special.


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